The Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

11. St. Bernard


Average Price: $1,800*
Country of Origin: Italian/Swiss Alps

The San Bernardo is a very large working dog. It can weigh up to 260 pounds and has a height of up to thirty-five inches to the cross.  The San Bernardo was originally raised as a rescue dog.  The St. Bernard Pass hospice raised these dogs to help people who were trapped in the snow on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

12. Bulldog


Average Price: $2,000*
Country of Origin: England

The bulldog is known to be a muscular and strong dog with sunken nose and wrinkled (but beautiful) face.  The English Bulldog can weigh up to fifty pounds, and is believed to have been first bred in the 17th century.  He first began to appear in paintings in the 18th century. An example of this is Philip Reinagle’s Painting of a Bulldog.

13. Chow Chow


Average Price: $2,900*
Country of Origin: China

Chow Chow is known as the “Songshi Quan” in China, meaning “swollen lion”.  The Chow Chow is not hypoallergenic and its short and muscular complexion is covered by a thick and spongy coat.  This breed of dog can weigh up to seventy-one pounds. He was raised in China as a “all-purpose” dog for hunting, caring, protecting or working.

14. Saluki


Average Price: $2,500*
Country of Origin: Egypt

Saluki is one of the oldest breeds of dogs on this list. Its direct ancestors are the lebreles from which it was raised.  Lebreles are dogs that are unique, as they hunt mainly by sight, rather than smell.  The lebreles were used during the pre-Christian era and originated in the Fertile Crescent. They hunted alongside nomadic tribes.

15. Portuguese Water Dog


Average Price: $3,000*
Country of Origin: Portugal

The Portuguese water dog was actually a member of the White House from 2008 to 2016. This dog was raised as a working dog in the Algarve region in Portugal. This breed can live up to fifteen years and is hypoallergenic.  Males can reach up to sixty pounds. The PWD is good with families and has an intelligent and caring personality.

16. Ibizan Hound


Average Price: $1,100*
Country of Origin: Spain

The Ibizan hound originated in Ibiza, a region of Spain. It is known for its tall, agile and thin structure.  It is a member of the bloodhound family and can weigh up to sixty-five pounds.  The most common type of this Hound is the one with smooth fur, although some may have longer hair.

17. Tibetan Mastiff


Average Price: $7,000*
Country of Origin: Tibet/Nepal/China

The Tibetan Mastiff has its origins in the BC era. It was raised to live alongside nomadic cultures in Tibet, China, India, Mongolia and Nepal.  The Tibetan mastiff would protect livestock from large predators such as wolves, bears, mustelids, tigers and leopards.  It is likely that the origins of the Himalayan Mastiff are the reason why it has a huge and fluffy fur.

18. Great Dane


Average Price: $2,000*
Country of Origin: Germany

The Great Dane is one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world.  In fact, the holder of the world’s highest dog record was Zeus, a Great Dane measuring 3.67 feet from paw to shoulder.  The height of the breed is usually about 30 to 34 inches, which makes Zeus somewhat atypical.

19. Peruvian Hairless


Average Price: $3,000*
Country of Origin: Peru

The hairless dog of Peru is easily distinguished by its hairless body, although it may have scattered tufts on the top of the head.  The dog is small in size and the breed has existed for centuries. It was first bred in Peru during the pre-Inca era.  They increased in popularity during the Inca dynasty.

20. Old English Sheepdog


Average Price: $1,300*
Country of Origin: England

The Old English Shepherd is another dog that looks like a bear. This large breed can weigh up to 100 pounds and reach two feet tall.  These dogs were once known as sheepdogs because they would help herd sheep.  They emerged from the first cross-grazing dogs. They originated in England.

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