Best Dog Breeds for All 12 Horoscope Signs

30.Aries: Labrador Retriever

12 Horoscope Signs

An ambitious, independent, fiercely competitive Aries is best suited for a dog who loves to play, like a labrador retriever.

This active, outgoing breed – the most popular in the U.S. – has a relaxed temperament, but needs plenty of exercise for physical fitness and mental stimulation. That means there are several opportunities for competitive racing and fetch games below.

29.Labrador Retriever Summary

Labrador Retriever Summary

Temperament: Friendly, Active, Outgoing

Height: 22.5-24.5 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)

Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), 55-70 pounds (female)

Life expectancy: 10-12 years

28.Aries: Portuguese Water Dog

Aries: Portuguese Water Dog

Another great canine companion for Aries is the Portuguese water dog. Easy to train and always willing to please, this breed has all the stamina needed to keep up with a high energy Ram.

The Portuguese water dog is built for an aquatic lifestyle (bred to be an integral angler’s helper), making it an ideal choice if its competitive side involves water.

27.Portuguese Water Dog Summary

Portuguese Water Dog Summary

Temperament: Affectionate, Adventurous, Athletic

Height: 20-23 inches (male), 17-21 inches (female)

Weight: 42-60 pounds (male), 35-50 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy: 11-13 years

26.Aries: Shetland Sheepdog

A Shetland sheepdog (sometimes known as Sheltie) is another good breed for an Aries owner. Sheltie’s quick mind, playful nature and constant power supply will keep a Ram on her toes safely.

A sensitive and loving dog by nature, the Sheltie is, however, distant with strangers, making him an excellent guard dog.

25.Shetland Sheepdog Summary

Shetland Sheepdog Summary

Temperament: Intelligent, Obedient, Playful

Height: 13-16 inches

Weight: 15-25 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

24.Taurus: Boxer

Taurus: Boxer dogs

As one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, a bullfighter needs a dog that returns his devotion. The loving and protective boxer is the perfect match – and his loyalty extends to the whole family.

This is a dog that will not let you down in its role as guardian of the family.

23.Boxer Summary

Boxer Summary dogs

Temperament: Bright, Fun-Loving, Active

Height: 23-25 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (female)

Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), 50-65 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

22.Taurus: Beagle

Taurus: Beagle dogs

Another breed of dog known for its unwavering loyalty is the beagle. Bred to hunt in packs, beagles love company and are considered one of the best breeds of dogs for children.

That means it’s a good choice, then, for an animated family run by a bull.

21.Beagle Summary

Beagle Summary

Temperament: Friendly, Curious, Merry

Height: 13 inches and under, 13-15 inches

Weight: under 20 pounds (13 inches and under), 20-30 pounds (13-15 inches)

Life Expectancy: 10-15 years


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