Lebanons iconic salad

Lebanons iconic salad and I can argue one of the most iconic salads of the world 🇱🇧
My dream to eat this salad on my mother land one day 🙏
Today’s recipe is as follows

6 single bunches parsley(Arab shop)
7 ripe truss tomatoes
1 bunch spring shallots
1 single bunch mint
2 tbs fine wheat germ (burgul)
2 tbs salt
1/4 cup ev olive oil
1 cup fresh lemon juice

Wash and dry parsley , mint and onions .
Wash and finely chop tomatoes , onions , mint (not inc stems ) and parsley . (Leaving 1/4 stem attached )

Add fine burgul , salt , lemon juice and olive oil when you want to serve up the salad . Mix well and taste for salt and lemon .
Enjoy and Sahten
Korky x