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61. Beagle


Average Price: $537*
Country of Origin: England

The beagle is a type of hound. It is the smallest of the hounds and is distinguished by its fallen ears and short stature. It was used to hunt hares in England. It is similar in appearance to its older brother, the raposero. The beagle can weigh up to twenty-four pounds.

62. Thai Ridgeback


Average Price: $5,000*
Country of Origin: Thailand

The Thai Ridgeback is a relatively new breed of dog that has just been recognized in the West. It originated in Thailand, and is called Mah Thai Lang Ahn. The Ridgeback can reach two feet tall and weigh up to 55 pounds. It has a short black jet hair, blue, red or griffon, although it is not hypoallergenic.

63. Spinone Italiano


Average Price: $2,000*
Country of Origin: Italy

Spinone Italiano, as you might have guessed by the name, was raised in Italy. Its original purpose was like a hunting dog. It was versatile, which meant it could hunt and recover. The breed is still a hunting dog, just like the retriever. Breeders have observed Spinone’s loyal temperament and alertness since around 500 BC.

64. Maltese


Average Price: $10,000*
Country of Origin: Malta

Maltese is easily recognizable by its long, silky white hair. This adorable toy breed can live up to fifteen years, and males rarely exceed nine pounds. Its height is, at most, nine inches. Maltese are descended from breeds of long-extinct dogs that lived in the central Mediterranean basin.

65. Pug


Average Price: $1,500*
Country of Origin: China

These iconic and eternally adorable dogs are among the friendliest (and most child-friendly) in the world. With big eyes, playful moods, soft faces and curly tails, her tenderness is matched only by her emotional responsiveness and loyalty to her masters.

66. Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Average Price: $1,500*
Country of Origin: England

Another part of the Terrier family is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This short-haired, muscular and medium-sized dog initially lay in England in Staffordshire (hence the name). This breed lives up to fourteen years, and is a very active and social dog breed. Males can reach 16 inches in height and 37 pounds in weight.

67. Yorkshire Terriers


Average Price: $7,000*
Country of Origin: England

The Yorkshire Terrier, nicknamed the “Yorkie”, is a small, bold and intelligent breed of dog that has a maximum weight of around seven limits, denying its ferocity. The Yorkie was first raised in England during the 19th century. He was raised in Yorkshire, from which his name derives. The Yorkie is known for its silky smooth fur.

68. German Pinscher


Average Price: $5,000*
Country of Origin: Germany

Do not confuse the German Pinscher with the Dobermann; while they share similar originals, the German Pinscher is clearly different. This working dog is vivacious, loyal and intelligent, and usually comes in black, brown, red, griffon or blue colors. This medium-sized dog can weigh up to 44 pounds and reach 20 inches in height.

69. Puli


Average Price: $4,500*
Country of Origin: Hungary

A Puli (plural Pulik) is a small breed of Hungarian working dog. This dog is used to graze, tend livestock and perform other tasks on the farm. This dog is easily recognized by its coat, which is long and cordoned, with some variations of the coat having similarities with dreadlocks.

70. Barbet


Average Price: $2,500*
Country of Origin: France

The Barbet originated in France, which researchers know because it began to appear in French works of art during the 16th century. The name Barbet comes from the French word for beard, barbe. It is hypoallergenic and the breed can live up to fifteen years. Originally it’s a water dog.


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