20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds That Are Worth Every Penny

51. German Shepherd


Average Price: $1,000*
Country of Origin: Germany

The German Shepherd is the world’s largest police dog and has been a faithful companion of police departments across the United States. The GSD is a great K9 officer because it is intelligent, training and very alert and protective with its owner. The GSD lives up to thirteen years.

52. Collie


Average Price: $1,800*
Country of Origin: Scotland

The Collie is so popular that it has its own film that bears its name: Lassie. The Collie is a distinctive, woolly, multi-colored dog that is a grazing dog. The Collie originated in northern England and Scotland. This medium-sized dog can live up to fourteen years and can weigh up to 44 pounds.

53. Australian Shepherd


Average Price: $850*
Country of Origin: United States

Despite the name, Australian pastors were actually created in California. They were ancestrally linked to a European breed, so this medium-sized canine has little or no connection to Australia. The Australian shepherd is a ranch dog that was used to herd and protect livestock in California.

54. Sheltie


Average Price: $1,300*
Country of Origin: Scotland

The Sheltie was originally called Shetland Collie, but that caused a stir among the breeders of Rough Collies, so the name was changed to Shetland Sheepdog. Nicknamed “Sheltie” for short, this dog originated in the Shetland Islands of Scotland as a working dog. It would herd cattle.

55. Blue Nose Pitbull


Average Price: $2,000*
Country of Origin: England

The Blue-Nose Pitbull is a rare form of Pitbull. The UKC considers it part of the club terrier. It is known for its silver-blue coat and distinctive facial structure. It is similar to that of the blue-nosed boxer. There are also blue-nosed Corsican cane, German shepherds and Great Danes.

56. Afghan Hound


Average Price: $1,000*
Country of Origin: Afghanistan

The Afghan Lebrel is also known by its local names: Tazi Spay and Sag-e Tazi. The Afghan Lebrel is easy to spot, thanks to its long, thick and silky fur and its tail with a distinctive curl at the end. The dog was raised in Afghanistan to survive in the cold mountains of the region. It comes in black, red and, above all, cream.

57. Labrador Retriever


Average Price: $300*
Country of Origin: Canada

The Labrador Retriever is a large breed hunting dog that comes in gold, black or chocolate. The lab, as they call it, can reach two feet tall and up to eighty pounds. Labradors are intelligent and friendly dogs that get along well with families. They originated in Canada and were used to recover dead shots from the air.

58. Papillon


Average Price: $700*
Country of Origin: France

Papillon, not to be confused with the action film of the same name, is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel. It is one of the oldest breeds of spaniel that exist today and is believed to have originated in France. Other origin stories place it in Spain or Belgium. Papillon is a small dog, and males usually weigh no more than ten pounds.

59. Poodle


Average Price: $900*
Country of Origin: France

Despite now being known as an elegant lapdog, the Poodle began in Germany as a water dog. It would be used to help hunt and pray in the water, which means he’s a surprisingly good swimmer. This hypoallergenic dog has several sizes: toy, miniature, standard and medium and comes in a rainbow of different shades.

60. Australian Cattle Dog


Average Price: $500*
Country of Origin: Australia

Unlike the Australian herder, the Australian herder is actually from Australia. He was raised in Australia for use as a herder. He would herd cattle through rugged terrain over long distances. This medium-sized breed has two main colors: blue and red. The DCA is obedient and energetic. He is very protective of his family.

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